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Road trailer with tarpaulin


  • Type - Silesia / manufacturer - the company Viola
  • The trailer:  undercarriage one or two axial company ALKO, shaft, wheels 155 R 13, support wheel (support), the frame structure with increased strength made of galvanized steel profiles, the floor board, waterproof, non-slip.
  • Dimensions of container:  Length - 2,920 mm Width - 1420 mm, height - 380 mm
  • Payload: DMC 750 kg

Table U26a with an arrow L22

  • Array dimensions 2200x3600 mm (according to the technical conditions for road signs and signals DZ.U.220 of dn.23.12.2003r.). An array is divided into two parts (top and bottom).
  • The construction of steel, galvanized.
  • Sheet galvanized or aluminum foil veneered II gene.
  • Sign C9 or C10 with manual control settings arrow.
  • The upper part of the plate are two pulsators LED mm diameter ф300
  • Light arrows made up of 22 LED lamp mm diameter ф200
  • The controller with the functions of displaying the sequence of shots light microprocessor technology.

Supporting structure and equipment

  • The design of connecting a trailer to the table made of steel, galvanized "L"
  • Folding the upper part of the plate cylinders manually assisted gas-spring
  • Supports stabilizing a trailer on the back of 2 pieces.
  • The battery container

Additional equipment (extra charge)

  • Trailer: spare wheel, overrun brake, tilt, additional stabilizing supports
  • Table U26a: radio control lighting pulsators shots and drive shots character (C9 / C10), lifting traction table top, solar power
  • Supporting structure and equipment : tilt, opening the lower part of the plate invasions, the container for two batteries


  • Made of cloth tarpaulin. This fabric is made of polyester mesh, which is covered with a coating of PVC. Fabrics tarpaulin are valued as: high paremetry technical great strength, water resistance, very high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions (low and high temperature, moisture, wind, sun), UV resistance (not lose their colors do not fade) ease of maintenance, and ease of processing of these fabrics (welding process applying a ad).
  • Standard height canvas: 150cm or 170cm