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Warning signs

Road signs considerate about places on the road where there is or could be a danger, and committing traffic participants to take particular care.


They have the shape of an equilateral triangle with the apex upwards (with the exception of the mark A-7 "give way"), with a red border, and yellow background.


Warning signs in accordance with the above. Regulations are placed:

  • at a distance of 150-300 m from dangerous on roads with speed limits over 60 km / h.
  • within 100 m from the dangerous on other roads.


At the signs can be placed signs:

  • T-1 "plate indicating the distance warning sign of dangerous places"
  • T-2 "indicating the length of the plate section of road on which repeated or is in danger of"
  • T-3 "indicating the end of the plate section, which is repeated or is in danger of" (repeat mark the end of the road segment).