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Table U26d

For closing the lane, in particular because of roadworks, closing panels are used. Boards are placed on the beginning of the episode of car from oncoming traffic.

U26d used on the roads of provincial, district and municipal (by. Classes of public roads: main roads, collective, local and driveways).

Table 2 U26d 333x500 road U26d

Table or freestanding installation

  • Dimensions  table 1700x2500 mm (according to the technical conditions for road signs and signals DZ.U.220 of dn.23.12.2003r.). An array is divided into two parts (top and bottom).
  • The construction  of steel, galvanized in its entirety - high weatherability
  • Sheet  galvanized or aluminum foil veneered second generation of life of 10 years
  • Sign  C9 or C10 with manual control settings arrow.
  • The upper part of the plate are two  pulsators  LED having a diameter of 300 mm. 
    The lamp has an input diode with high light with a special optical system meets the parameters of the class L9H lamp (light of 000 cd 20) according to standard PN.EN 12352: 2010
  • Arrows  light consists of 16 LEDs having a diameter of 200 mm. 
    LED lamp has a higher contribution to the light with a special optical system meets the parameters of the class L8H lamp (2000 cd light) according to the standard PN.EN 12352: 2010
  • For the transport of the upper portion of the array may be loosened from the bottom plate.
  • The battery container
  • Polish product