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The panel on the car without pulsators ZKD (/ \)

Panel lamps forming an arrow light is to be mounted on trucks or other vehicles involved in securing traffic, ie. Patrolling the highways or expressways, teams, operation and maintenance of roads, emergency services, etc.. Fulfills the function of a warning to road users at the time of roadworks.

The panel is made of tubes 15 with a diameter of 200 mm. Lamps are lit creating an arrow to the right, to the left and cross.

An important piece of equipment is an actuator for lifting and lowering shots. Opening and closing the panel, as well as switching mode (lit shots) can be controlled via the control panel or wireless remote control.


Panel lamp  φ 200

  • Arrows L15  is made of tubes 15 with a diameter of the lens ɸ200
  • Power supply:  12V / 24V
  • Active lens diameter : φ 200 mm
  • Shade color : orange
  • Light source:  the contribution of higher light-emitting diode with a special optical system meets the parameters of the class L8H lamp (2000 cd light) according to the standard PN.EN 12352: 2010
  • The average daily consumption current  of one lamp: 0.4 A (12V), or 0.2 A (24V)
  • Type illumination lamp : the light pulse, the pulse frequency of 2 Hz (2 times / sec.), Filling 6: 4 (est. / Off).
  • Display modes : left arrow, right arrow, cross, zero
  • Battery indicator:  an audible signal and the optical
  • Twilight illumination control:  day 100% / night 50%
  • Current measurement of the electric actuator - overload protection
  • Proximity sensors positioning location of the panel.
  • Construction:  steel, galvanized
  • Type: ZKD (/ \) - 15-12 / 24V