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prohibition signs

Road signs expressing establish traffic organization in the form of restriction of movement of vehicles or prohibit perform certain maneuvers.


They have a circular shape (except for those B-20 "stop" B-39 "restricted parking zone" and B-43 "restricted speed zone") with a red border and white background or blue background.


Under the ban signs can be placed additional signs:

  • T-20 "length segment of the roadway on which the non-valid"
  • T-21 "distance mark from the point from which or in which the prohibition applies'


Prohibition sign placed under the trademark E-17 "city" spaces throughout the town, and placed under the trademark D-42 "built-up area," - a trade D-43 "end of the built-up area" or E-18a 'end of the municipality "except section of road on which it has been changed or canceled another mark.


Qualified disabled person with reduced mobility, in charge of a motor vehicle, and the driver of a vehicle transporting such a person may, provided special care, does not adhere to the prohibitions expressed signs:

  • B-1 "ban traffic in both directions"
  • B-3 "entry ban motor vehicles, except motorcycles without"
  • B-3a "banned entry of buses"
  • B-4 "entry ban motorcycles"
  • B-10 "entry ban mopeds"
  • B-35 "non-stop"
  • B-37 "no parking on odd days"
  • B-38 "no parking on even days"
  • B-39 "restricted parking zone."