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Lamp universal wave 2 Light waves 200x120 disjoint sets


Light waves Wave 200x76 disjoint sets

Light waves disconnected

Removable wave  φ 200

  • Power supply:  12V (recommended battery with a capacity min.120Ah)
  • Lamp dimensions : 210 mm Φ, wys.60 mm, 0.6 kg / unit.
  • Active lens diameter : φ 200 mm
  • Shade color : orange
  • Light source:
    the contribution of higher light-emitting diode with a special optical system meets the parameters of the class L8L lamp (light of 250 cd) by PN.EN standard 12352: 2006
  • Average current consumption  (one lamp) 
    0.2 A (12V), or 0.1 A (24V)
  • Synchronization of lamps:  Automatic
  • Backlight  (in conditions of poor visibility): automatic
  • Twilight illumination control:  day 100% / night 30%
  • The system of voltage measurement:  less than 8,5V voltage is switched off the set
  • Type:  LUFD-12V-200


Universal light wave is designed to easily build a set of light waves with any number of lamps. It is also possible independent of the lamp: a warning lamp or a pulsator .

Light waves built with these lamps, are used for signaling and warning road users of changes in traffic organization, associated with the repair of roads or other handicaps in the case of seizure of part of the surface intended for normal traffic.

Wave is designed to inform road users of the present obstacles to circumvent the order emitted by the lamps lighted.

In the case of heavy traffic, or walls positioned on dual carriageways use of light wave is mandatory.

Waves are used:

- in hazardous locations

- before construction site

- as components of  array steering-21 a, b