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Educational wireless φ 200

  • Power supply: 12V (recommended battery with a capacity min.120Ah)
  • Active lens diameter : φ 200 mm
  • Color Shade : red, orange and green
  • Light source: 
    input diode (60 LED's) of the light kcd 0.9 
    10W halogen bulb
  • The average daily power consumption one lamp (12h day mode, night mode 12h): 
    the contribution of LED KCD 0.9 - 0.25A 
    halogen bulb - 0,6A
  • The average daily power consumption of one lamp: 
    the contribution of LED KCD 0.9 - 0.4A 
    halogen bulb - 0.86
  • Swimming: 60x83x50 cm
  • Twilight illumination control:
    diode - 100% day / night 30% 
    halogen - 100% day / night 70%
  • Type: SDKR-3/200 / D-SDKR or 3/200 / H


Signaling enables the presentation of educational activities signaling in a circular motion with a passage for pedestrians from a remote location using a remote control of the radio transmission.

Signals depending on the configuration settings and can work as both S1 and S2 - which means that they can fulfill the functions of an intersection or can work in identical sequences (in cooperation with additional beacons allows presentations along with the pedestrian walkway for pedestrians.)