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Road trailer - 1-axis average


  • Type - Krakus / manufacturer - the company Viola
  • The trailer:  undercarriage uniaxial company ALKO, shaft, wheels 155 R 13, support wheel (support), the frame structure with increased strength made of galvanized steel profiles, the floor board, waterproof, non-slip.
  • Dimensions of container:  Length - 2,420 mm Width - 1220 mm, height - 380 mm
  • Payload: DMC 750 kg

Table U26a with an arrow L22

  • Array dimensions 2200x3600 mm (according to the technical conditions for road signs and signals DZ.U.220 of dn.23.12.2003r.). An array is divided into two parts (top and bottom).
  • The construction of steel, galvanized.
  • Sheet galvanized or aluminum foil veneered II gene.
  • Sign C9 or C10 with manual control settings arrow.
  • The upper part of the plate are two pulsators LED mm diameter ф300
  • Light arrows made up of 22 LED lamp mm diameter ф200
  • The controller with the functions of displaying the sequence of shots light microprocessor technology.

Supporting structure and equipment

  • The design of connecting a trailer to the table made of steel, galvanized "L"
  • Folding the upper part of the plate cylinders manually assisted gas-spring
  • Supports stabilizing a trailer on the back of 2 pieces.
  • The battery container

Additional equipment  (extra charge)

  • Trailer: spare wheel, overrun brake, tilt, additional stabilizing supports
  • Table U26a: radio control lighting pulsators shots and drive shots character (C9 / C10), lifting traction table top, solar power
  • Supporting structure and equipment : tilt, opening the lower part of the plate invasions, the container for two batteries