Single pulsator φ 300, L9H

  • Power supply: 12V or 24V (recommended battery with a capacity min.120Ah)
  • The dimensions of the pulsator: Φ 330 mm, wys.90 mm, 1.1 kg / pcs.
  • Active lens diameter: Φ 300 mm
  • Shade color: orange
  • Light source:  the contribution of higher light-emitting diode with a special optical system meets the parameters of the class L9H lamp (light of 000 cd 20) according to standard PN.EN 12352: 2010
  • Average current consumption (one lamp): the contribution of LED - 0.5A (12V) or 0.25A (24V)
  • Type of lighting lamps: pulsating light - LED - 1Hz, 60bł / min
  • Twilight illumination control:  diode - 100% day / night 50%
  • Type:  LWOD-12 / 24V-300 / L9H

Lamps can be purchased as a set of two pulsators φ 200 - simultaneous flash IBS-12 / 24V-300 / L9H. One lamp is a lamp controller, a second is controlled lamps are connected by cable.


Early warning lamps are designed to signal particularly dangerous places on roads with heavy traffic. Pulsators φ φ 100 and 200 are used on local roads, pulsators φ 300 on motorways, expressways and national roads.


Single pulsators apply: 
- as an early warning lamp in front of the construction site 
- in hazardous locations


Kits pulsators (simultaneous flash) is used:

- on patrol vehicles

- working on machines and vehicles, road maintenance: piaskarkach, solarkach

- as components of  array 26, closing the U-

- as components of  array early warning U-27

- as components of  array steering-21 c, d, e, f

- as an early warning lamp construction site

DSC 0068 200x198 early warning lamps φ 300

Additionally, you can buy containers for batteries:
- small (120 Ah battery)
- high (battery 180 Ah and larger)


The containers can be:
- the whole hot-dip galvanized
- with galvanized sheets
- galvanized sheets with an additional powder



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